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Long and Short Gamma

Synthetic hedging techniques provide numerous permutation- combination to create perfect hedging position. Usually Long and Short Gamma methods are very popular amongst delta hedgers.... Read more

Posted by Falguni Vahora on August 2, 2018

Indian GST - FAQ

1. What is the GST?....... Read more

Posted by Falguni Vahora on July 21, 2016

Delta Neutral methodologies in option delta hedging technique

Let us first understand what a Delta hedging technique is.It is an options strategy that aims to hedge the risk associated with price movements in the underlying asset by offsetting long and short positions.... Read more

Posted by Rupak Shah on June 01, 2016

Capital market trading elemental

When one thinks of the stock market, mostly one of these two thoughts come in mind; Warren Buffet or Speculation! If a person possesses knowledge.... Read more

Posted by Falguni Vahora on March 29, 2016

BlissQuants trading philosophy

The term “trading�? simply means “exchanging one item for another�?. We usually understand this to be the exchanging of goods for money or in other words, buying something.... Read more

Posted by Falguni Vahora on January 04, 2016